This Diva needs her stage.

Go down a waterslide when it isn’t wet and you’ll understand why foreplay is so important.






This is the best explanation I’ve ever read.

wait.. isn’t that just… an ordinary slide…

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I’m currently boy me
And this is the happiest I’ve been in months

Anonymous asked: Why do you have to be so difficult. Why can't you just say you're a girl? You have a vagina? And boobs? That is what a WOMAN is!!!



Ignorance is ugly and no one likes ugly.

i’m tired of hearing the “Equalism” argument (via samvvise)

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The reason why it’s feminism and not “equalism” is because to achieve equality we need to make femininity a GOOD thing instead of an insult. Like how gay rights isn’t called “human rights” - the latter is what it’s ultimately trying to achieve, but can only be done so by doing the former.


 ”I’m appreciative and I appreciate the people and the outpouring of kindness that’s been there – and it’s been overwhelming. I didn’t expect any of this – even while you’re filming and they’re trying to prep you for what’s to come, I had no idea. I’m a very lucky individual to get to do what I do and meet the people I’ve met in the cities I’ve been to and people that I chat with on Twitter and Instagram – I couldn’t do any of that without them. I appreciate their support more than anything because I was wanting to quit at 40. I didn’t expect any of this –  much less to do the show and meet all of these people – so I’m ready to go into the next phase of it all and I’m excited. By no means was I prepared for all of the kindness from people I didn’t even know.” - Roy Haylock aka Bianca Del Rio aka Queen of My Heart 

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don’t blame women for the fact that someone they trusted betrayed them in such an intimate way

solidarity with my ladies

for real i’m so sick of everyone blaming women when their asshole partners share their PRIVATE, CONSENSUAL pictures with the public



Real talk you could cheat in me with my best friend, sister, and dog and I still wouldn’t do that to you

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a metaphor of my life

best moment on television. ever.

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i was watching Phineas & Ferb and then did they just reference Rocky Horror oh my stars and stripes they did

Fun Fact: Did you know the voice of Mr. Fletcher in Phineas & Ferb is the guy who wrote Rocky Horror beCAUSE I SURE DIDN’T

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My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I’ve no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me

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Cute fun nicknames for your significant other

  • pop
  • six
  • squish
  • uh uh!
  • cicero
  • lipschitz

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